CE Sweeper™ and CE Sweeper™ Pan

The new generation of sweeping in cleanrooms!

Product Benefits

  • Sweep up broken glass in your cleanroom quickly and easily
  • No need to change gloves when an item is dropped on the floor
  • Keeps workers from touching the floor within the cleanroom
  • Can be sprayed or wiped down with common disinfectants
  • Stands up easily for storage or can be hung
  • Adjustable bag holder for different size collection bags
Megnevezés Méret (cm) Karton cikkszáma Csomag/karton Csomag cikkszáma Darab/csomag
Lehúzó szemétlapáthoz 35 119908 5 119909 1
Nyitott szemétlapát fém 31 x 12 x 7 119914 5 512363 1

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